I trie to reset my C Beware that you will have to keep a closer eye on print quality since you are no longer relying on error message to tell you when your toner cartridges are in need of a replacement or refill, or the drum truly needs to be changed or refurbished. Thanks for your help. Somebody posted this question earlier but I did not see a response. To alter the value of an item, first press button 3 to select the digit to be altered. Oki seem to have made the drums more sensibly priced for the s but the toner price is ludicrous and I am having to replace nearly every week and I am sure there is more in each cartridge.

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Scroll down to “Counter Set”. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need a password I don’t have to get to this option on my printer? There must be something else that is causing the problem, maybe replacing one of the other rollers also. The statement okidata b6300 “burned toner”.

Okidata b6300 option to use, instead of changing each toner’s percentage life used i. No success at all. They will probably say the printer is faulty not the drums and okidata b6300 not their responsibilty. To leave the counter set menus, turn the printer off. I found that the glossy toner seems to give longer drum life, especially the black.

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All is not perfect however more yellow and blue ink is apparently getting out on the left side and leaving a more pronounced green band to the left side of the digital prints.

Now, where to locate it on the machine I pulled out my old C parts machine, but I can’t figure out how to take the hold-down out; okidata b6300 looks like you have to gut the machine. We okidata b6300 reman toner, and have been replacing the drums when we get the replace drum errors, okidata b6300 okidat cutting way into our budget.

If so, rotate your document in your program okidata b6300 it prints upside down, printing the photo on the right instead of left. Please let me okidata b6300 if g6300 find out what is causing the Streaking and banding. That was all with Uninet toner. Then remove shims after tightening down blade.

I’m so happy to have found your post! How far are you getting in the various steps?

Thanks for the info! The problem appears to be a sloppy fit of the generic toner cartridges I bought; every one of the toner v6300 is full okldata color. Type or Type Okidata b6300 today I tried your reset sequence By the way, I can also tell you how to reste the drum units. One of the two blue hold-downs for okidata b6300 back of the drum broke.

Open the blue handle, there is a small locking dimple to push in, and turn the cartridge okidata b6300 side up.

I tried popping up the sensor and checked the springs and they seemed fine. I have an Okidata CDN.


Hope this helps as it is a very okidata b6300 error caused becuase you took out the tomer to redistribute the toner by shaking it. The waste toner is continuously being okidata b6300 by a small conveyor belt and an auger into the toner cartridge. Image Drum, Magenta, 40K. Instead the printer literally counts every individual toner dot applied to each page to estimate how much toner remains in the cartridge. If I would open the ikidata of the printer and then close it I could print about another 17 copies.

Waste Toner Box, 40K. I have used their toner for about 2 years with good results. I traded out of my and bought the c58 last year and no problems. okidata b6300

okidaya It will save you lots of that green stuff called money. Okidata b6300 to Okidate Okidata b6300 will need to take this machine in and either pay to havea high level maintence reset done or pay someone to install another controller board.

Hi kereru, Thank you very much for these instructions! Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 24K.

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